About the stop bedwetting programme

About the stop bedwetting programme

‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days’ combines the latest thinking from the fields of positive psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy and helps children overcome bedwetting more easily.

It’s a 7 day training programme that’s now available as a book and in video format and both include a free hypnotic audio recording. It’s not essential to purchase both the book and video, but doing so can certainly aid your child’s path to success.

Each night for a week, your child will be given a series of exercises to follow – these could be listening, drawing or guided visualization – that will take around 25 minutes. The book asks parents to run through the activities with their child, whereas the video format features Alicia Eaton doing the work for you – just like a personal one-to-one session for your child.

It is possible to take longer than seven days to follow the programme, but it’s best not to have more than one day’s break between sessions as continuity is key.

The exercises are designed to encourage your child’s mind and body to wire up and work in harmony, so controlling the bladder at night becomes an automatic process. They’re the same kind of exercises that are regularly used by sports people and athletes to enhance their performances – so they’re tried and tested and we know that they work.

And even better, they complement your child’s natural development and there’s no need for noisy alarms or medications that can cause side effects.

What to expect

This bedwetting system has now been used by thousands of children all around the world and according to our survey, over 70% of children achieved additional dry nights. Even better, an overwhelming 85% of parents would recommend this system to other parents.

The majority of children will get some dry nights in the first week following the 7 day programme and this will gradually increase over the following two to three weeks, as the exercises are repeated.

This is usually followed by a period of stablisation – not every night may yet be dry, but a pattern of dry nights begins to build up as your child’s confidence grows.

It’s important to view any wet nights as ‘one-off accidents’ and not an indication that the system is not working. Indeed, these accidents provide valuable learning experiences for your child’s mind and if your child has been wetting the bed at night for many years, it won’t be surprising if it takes a few days to get the problem sorted out.

All the activities in this programme are designed to “jump-start” the process of having dry nights forever and repetition is the key to success.