Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days Book

Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days Book

“This is a very good book. I have found it to be clear, effective and indeed recommend it to a number of my patients who feel it’s very useful.”
Dr Anne Wright – 
Consultant Paediatrician, Guy’s & St. Thomas’s NHS Trust

This is an easy-to-read guide for parents, incorporating the latest techniques and thinking from the fields of positive psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP.  This 7-day programme of activities and visualization exercises includes the hypnotic audio recording ‘Dry Beds Now’ as a free download.  Highly recommended by parenting experts, GPs and Consultant Paediatricians.

Around a million children in the UK accidentally wet their beds at night and once locked into this pattern, can find it difficult to get rid of this miserable habit. Many continue through to their teenage years, missing out on school trips or sleepovers with friends and suffer from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem as a result.

Over the years, these bedwetting habits become deeply imprinted on children’s subconscious minds, which means they can automatically go on doing this for many years. As a result, no amount of willpower, bribery or cajoling is going to erase those habits without a bit of a battle.

Parents will discover:

  • Why ‘lifting’ your child at night makes no sense.
  • Why wearing night-time protective pants can make the problem worse not better.
  • How certain foods and drinks could be the cause of bedwetting.
  • How to put a success plan in place.

First released in 2009, this programme has now become an international best-seller and comes highly recommended by parenting experts, Consultant Paediatricians and NLP trainers alike.

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A recent survey carried out amongst parents who had tried the system revealed that out of 165 respondents, 85% would recommend this programme to other parents.

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