9th June 2015

Bedwetting Solutions – Clear your Clutter

Bedwetting in young children is a common problem, so if your child is still struggling to get dry at night, you’re in good company. It’s estimated that almost a million children in the UK have […]
6th February 2013

Staying Positive for your child

It’s important to remain encouraging and enthusiastic throughout any period of training to get your bedwetting child dry at night, for the more confident you can appear, the more likely your child is to be […]
23rd January 2013
Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days

Bedwetting – is medication the answer?

Many children who find themselves stuck with the miserable problem of bedwetting beyond the age of 7 or 8 can be referred to Enuresis Clinics by their GPs and are prescribed medications, such as Desmopressin. […]
18th January 2013
Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days

Bedwetting Survey Results

Here are the long awaited Bedwetting Survey Results and they look great. After the ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days Programme’ had been available for 6 months, I carried out a survey by sending out emails […]
8th January 2013
Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days

Bedwetting Solutions – Stretching the bladder

It’s not uncommon for parents to be told that the cause of their child’s ongoing bedwetting problem is the result of having a ‘small bladder’ and that the only option is to wait until their […]