The Programme

How to follow the Programme


Here’s your starting point – the Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days book. This is available in paperback or online pdf version on this website. If you prefer Kindle e-book – that’s available on Amazon too.

This book is an easy-to-read guide for parents, care-givers and health professionals. It incorporates the latest techniques and thinking from the fields of behavioural change and uses positive psychology along with hypnotherapy. This 7-day programme of activities and visualization exercises (around 20 minutes each day) also includes the relaxing, eyes-closed audio download Dry Beds Now. Your child will listen to this at bedtime from Day 5 onwards and this is available free of charge from this website.

Once you start the programme you’ll discover:

  • How habits and behaviours develop and how best to change them.
  • Why ‘lifting’ your child at night can make things worse.
  • Why wearing night-time protective pants can delay dryness at night.
  • That eating too much fruit, sugar or wheat could be the cause of bedwetting.
  • How reward schemes can slow progress down.
  • That medications prescribed by doctors are not really the solution.
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Slightly older children and teenagers may find the audio recording more suitable for younger children. We have an alternative hypnotic audio recording that’s available from the Shop: Stop Bedwetting Now. Every child is different but by age 12, your child may prefer this recording. We suggest you try the free recording first.

Other recordings that can be listened to alongside this Bedwetting programme are:
- A Magic Day Out (age up to 12)
- Relax Now (age 12+)

- Boost Your Confidence (age 12+)

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The Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days Video Programme – we know that it’s not always easy for parents to guide their children through a schedule of homework activities.

So, with this online video version that downloads onto your computer, laptop or tablet, your child can watch each day’s episode just as if they were in a face-to-face session in Alicia’s consulting room in Harley Street.

This video programme comes with a 30 Day Diary and a 100% Money Back Guarantee too.
If after 30 days, you see no difference in your child’s bedwetting habit, you’ll get a refund with no quibbles.