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Stop Bedwetting in 7 days

My name’s Alicia Eaton and I’ve been helping children overcome bedwetting problems for 15 years, so I know and understand the challenges this problem creates. Right now you might be feeling as if you’re the only parent in the world whose child has this unwanted habit - other people’s children all seem to be dry, don’t they?

But you're not on your own - around one million children in the UK and over five million children in the United States get stuck with this miserable habit after the age of 5 and the good news is that there is something you can do about it.

After many years of seeing children in my Harley Street practice, I used all my knowledge and experience to create my ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 days’ programme – so even more children, just like yours, can find a solution.

My ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days’ book and online video programme are both world-wide bestsellers and will help you guide your child through to dry nights, in the comfort of your own home. You can download the first couple of chapters of the book for FREE right now. Reading these will give you a better understanding of my unique approach to the problem and how the programme works.

Once you start the programme you’ll discover:

  • How habits and behaviours develop and how best to change them.
  • Why ‘lifting’ your child at night can make things worse.
  • Why wearing night-time protective pants can delay dryness at night.
  • That eating too much fruit, sugar or wheat could be the cause of bedwetting.
  • How reward schemes can slow progress down.
  • That medications prescribed by doctors are not really the solution.
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